Three Pillars for 2024: Cyber, Management Liability, and Life

In this all-day virtual bootcamp, you will hear from experts both inside and outside of the insurance industry on the three things that every agent can win in 2024. Whether it’s a deeper understanding of the wedges you can use to gain entry to the ease of quoting and educating your clients, this bootcamp is sure to leave you with tactical tools you can use to up your game this next year

When: October 25, 2023 | From: 9am to 5pm EST


Watch and listen as David Carothers introduces Three Pillars for 2024: Cyber, Management Liability and Life.

About the Bootcamp

This is not a workshop on theory with fictitious case studies. These workshops give you real, tactical information that top-tier producers are using on the streets today to produce books of business of 1 million dollars in revenue or more.

Our past Bootcamps have been a great success.  Hundreds of agents came together for deep dives into commercial insurance from some of the best in the business. The high-action session left the attendees with actionable items that they could immediately implement in their companies when they returned to the office.

We are happy to announce that on Wednesday, October 25th, we will be hosting our third Bootcamp for 2023. There will be one more in December.  Like the past Bootcamps, we bring you some of the best and the brightest.  

And, like our prior boot camps, this one will come with a TON of actionable items that you will be able to implement in your agencies almost immediately to begin pushing the snowball downhill. 

The value of the content contained in this all-day event is a high multiple of the price.  You are guaranteed to change the course of your business if you join us and follow the plan. 

Bring your legal pad with you to take notes. But in addition to attending the event live where you can ask questions, you will have access to the recordings afterward to go back and revisit the information as needed to be sure you don’t miss implementing a single thing. 

See you at the top!


The Bootcamp Sessions

We are still finalizing each presenter time slots and session information, but as always, we move fast and give you as much actionable information as we can. We start promptly at 9:00 am EST and go to 12 pm. Take a lunch break for an hour. Then start again at 1:00 pm and go until 5:00 pm. There is time throughout for you to ask the guests and myself questions and we will stay late just so we get everyone's questions are answered.

Your Host

David R. Carothers, CIC, CRM
CEO Florida Risk Partners & Killing Commercial

9:00 am

Justin Cates
Senior Vice President Sales - Mineral

10:00 am

Rich Toce, CPCU
Florida Territory Manager - Berkley Management Protection

11:00 am

Lisa Shasteen
CEO - Shasteen Law, PA

Angel Rojas
CEO for DataCorps

12:00 PM Break

1:00 pm

Zane Goldthorp
Director of Broker Development – ProWriters

2:00 pm

Michael Raczkowski, J.D. CFP
SVP, Head of Advanced Planning, Sales Support & Underwriting – Highland Capital Brokerage

3:00 pm

Scott Beene
CEO – Diversicom

4:00 pm

Ryan Dunn
Partner & Vice President – Cennairus Cyber

Abe Gibson
Partner & Cyber Practice Leader – Cennairus Cyber

Thank you to our partners for their support.

October 2023
Commercial Insurance Bootcamp

A day-long online event for commercial insurance sales.

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No need to worry. We offer a no questions asked, money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with the bootcamp.

Testimonials from Previous Bootcamps

I was given a copy of David R. Carothers's book The Extra 2 Minutes while in AZ after hearing him speak. Killshot Carothers brings a dynamic mindset, ever-evolving, to a business we all love that sometimes needs a little nip & tuck. I would have gladly paid to attend this BootCamp because he NEVER disappoints! As Steve Holley said, his "panel of rockstars freely gave tips and tools." If you weren't motivated by this opportunity, then you might want to check your pulse and see if you are still breathing? I'm still looking each week at the workbook he provided and thinking about how can I improve my performance. I am grateful to everyone that contributed. Thank you, DRC for bringing this all together. Btw, looking forward to your 2nd promised book.
Bryan McCall
If you've never been to one of David Carothers bootcamps, speaking engagements, etc you're missing out! I met David in AZ at the BA conference and learned an abundant amount from him. Recnetly I had the opportunity to see him in Tampa at the one day BootCamp. And after putting in motion just a faction of what I learned in this mind blowing event, I was able to write an account which generated more than $5k in agency revenue. I can't thank David enough for his willingness to share his knowledge. If you've never had the privilege to hear him speak, or attend a BootCamp you are missing out. As I've hard him say many times, you've better find Jesus and get yourself there. I promise you out of the multitude of information you'll learn it will immediately increase your bottom line if you implement just one thing! Thank you David for all you do for our industry.
Jim Stout
As soon as I saw that David Carothers was offering a Bootcamp prior to Innovation, I KNEW that I would be adding a day in Tampa. The BootCamp delivered the goods. David and his panel of rockstars gave tips and tools that motivated and equipped me to raise my agency's game in commercial. There as no fluff and no selling from the front of the room, just solid gold nuggets. Thank you to everyone who participated.
Steve Holley
I have been "following" the legend, David R Carothers for a few years, and to have this amazing opportunity provided was a no-brainer for me to attend. I had no idea what to expect, so I went in with an open mind. I have been in this business for 38 years and my mind was blown with what I learned from the BootCamp. The next generation of agents and entrepreneurs is incredible. the wealth of information shared has inspired me to aim higher. Higher than I ever imagined possible! I appreciate David's generosity of his knowledge and time.
Pete Covill
Thank you for inviting me to speak about CRM productivity and success at your June 2022 Bootcamp. The responses I have received and the requests to learn more from attendees has been fantastic. The agency owners and producers who attended and watched the recordings have reached out not only with questions to learn more but they now recognize how important a CRM is to their business and producer success and are ready to up their business.
David LeFevre
Killing Commercial Login