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You Have to be a Hybrid

Listen, if you’re going to be successful in this game, you got to turn yourself into a hybrid. If you don’t understand what that means,

Don’t Get Blinded by Premium

How many times have we heard it? But it’s a hundred thousand. But it’s a $200,000 account. But it’s $300,000 in premium. Guys, you can’t

Focus on Selling Value not Price

You’ve heard me say it a thousand times when this thing is over; every single account is up for grabs. What you have to remember

How are you Compensated?

Are you selling a product, or are you out there solving problems? Listen, you don’t have to be an insurance salesman to succeed in this

Branding is a Constant Process

This morning, my good friend Chris Greene reached out to me and asked for my thoughts on an upcoming branding campaign he’s working on. Chris,

How May Times Should you Follow Up?

Most of us have marketing automations, drip email campaigns and all kinds of things to stay in touch with our prospects. But the real question