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Dare to Dream

Do you dare to dream? What are your dreams? How are you going to achieve them? Do you visualize them? That’s one of the most

Don’t Sell Yourself Short!

It’s 2021, and it’s a new year. And I hate even to be cliche, but it may be time for a new you. Today I’m

3 Types of Insurance People

If COVID has taught me anything, it’s that there are three types of people in the insurance industry. And as we head into the new

What is Evergreen Content?

Ever since this whole coronavirus thing started, I have been preaching, preaching, and creating evergreen content for all of you. I suddenly realized I haven’t

What is Your Sales Process?

If you ever hear me talk, you’re going to hear me say time and again, “It’s never the process. It’s always the person.” The problem

What is Total Cost of Risk?

Is total cost of risk even a thing, or is it just a cliche buzzword that insurance salespeople are out there using, trying to make