Feature your Firm not your Product

On this morning’s episode of the carpool closer, I talked about why we need to feature our firm instead of our products. We’ll drill down on that because we need to talk for over a minute about this one.

A Mistake Producers Make

This morning on my new TikTok show, the carpool closer, I talked about a concept that I think is important for all salespeople but most important to the insurance industry. And that is one of the biggest mistakes that a producer can make. Why do we go into a new business appointment and get into all the features of insurance products? I’ve never understood this. And honestly, I can only come to one conclusion; we do it because it makes us look smart. It makes us look superior to the prospect because we know more about that product than they ever know. But let me ask you transparently, is that a good strategy? Should we alienate those we hope to do business with by talking over their heads? The other problem is that we’re not just making ourselves look brilliant; we’re going in and attempting to make our competition look weak. And then we want to get hired after trashing the competition.

My Challenge for Producers

Here’s my challenge to you people, take your focus off the features of your product and push it to the features of your firm. I don’t care who the insurance company is. Even if it’s regional, when you speak with a prospect, other agencies in your area represent those same carriers. Why are we talking about them all the time? It’s okay to mention, to give that prospect peace of mind, but what we should be doing is talking about how we can solve their problems, ask open-ended questions, let them tell you where they’re experiencing pain, and then mention how your firm solves that problem after you’ve uncovered it. If you’re going into a meeting and spending the first 10 minutes vomiting all of your insurance speak and what you suppose their problems to be, you’ve already lost. I challenge you to go out into the world this next week. And as you have your new prospect appointments, spend time focusing on solving their problems with the features of your firm. That’s your value proposition, and that’s how you kill it in commercial insurance.


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