3 Tips to Help Achieve the Producer Lifestyle

So many people want to have the producer lifestyle, but they don’t understand you have to do the producer’s job to get there.  What does that mean?  It’s what we’re going to talk about today.

You Must Put in the Work

So often, I hear people talking about wanting to have the producer lifestyle.  It’s like saying I want to be Brad Pitt when I grow up.  This guy didn’t just show up and become a multimillion-dollar celebrity and, quite honestly, a pretty savvy real estate investor.  He put in the work.  Production’s no different than that.  There are things you have to do to be able to have that producer lifestyle.

That’s the topic of my new book that comes out on September 8th, The Dirty 130.  Listen, this is about 130 days for you to challenge yourself to go deeper than anybody else you know so that you can live like nobody else you know.  There are three things we’re going to talk about today that you have to be on top of if you are going to be successful as a producer in today’s environment.  The first one is content.


Content has been king since the digital era ushered itself in in the early 2000s.  So many times, I hear producers talk about not being able to get good leads and not being able to have stuff come in inbound, but their content strategy is hot garbage.

I understand that it’s not easy for you to develop topics.  But, listen, it’s all around us, and we must open our eyes.  Here are three quick ways to identify content subjects.

  • Number one insurance policies. Find a coverage.  I wrote a series on product recall, took the policy from Lloyd’s, broke it down section-by-section, and did a blog post on each subsection explaining the coverage and why it was necessary.  It did very, very well.  So look at your insurance policies, number one.


  • Number two, look at your CIC or CRM manual. You get learning objectives in every single one of those books.  Turn those into blog posts.  Not only are you creating content that could drive business to you, but it’s helping you study for your exam at the same time.


  • Number three, use the old-fashioned pen and paper. Leave it by your phone.  Anytime you get the same question twice, write it down, and create a blog post around it.  Now you’re going to answer that question before people have to call in and get it.  If you hear it twice, you can be sure other people are looking for it.



The second thing I want to talk about is I want to talk about connection.  You have got to have connections as a producer.  If you are not building your network, you are not building your net worth.  You have to understand that you can only get in front of so many people on your own, and having effective channel partners is how you cure that problem.  Channel partners make life so much easier because while you’re not working, they very well may be.  That is just the best way, in my opinion, to supplement your content creation and your actual efforts, which leads me to number three: cold calling.

Cold Calling

I don’t care if you’re doing marketing drops or if you’re doing telemarketing; cold calling still works.  You got to get the reps in.  You don’t get stronger by just bench pressing once a month.  You get the reps in with the lower weight, build your muscle, and then you go heavy and try and max out to see if you can get that big lift done.  Production is no different.  You’ve got to get the reps in on the phones.

But you don’t just stop by making the calls or doing the marketing drops.  Sit back and assess how you did.  Reflect on your day, reflect on your week, reflect on your month, and figure out those places where you’re able to improve your process.  At first, it’s going to be giant leaps and bounds that you’re jumping, but in the end, it’s going to be those tiny, razor-thin things that you’re doing to improve just a little bit to go from good to great.

You can do three things as a producer to do the producer job, ultimately leading to the producer’s lifestyle.  If you do that, you’ll kill it, commercial insurance.

The Dirty 130

Sales is a grind. The paychecks are sexy but the process is not. In order to be successful you
must follow a proven path of behaviors in order to breed the results you expect. In every aspect
of our lives there are challenges. Whether we talk about diets, religion, education or the like,
there are challenges that exist to hold each of us accountable to the bigger picture. There
hasn’t been a challenge like this anywhere for salespeople …. until now.

The Dirty 130 is a series of daily tasks that you will be challenged to complete for a period of
130 days which is 6 months worth of work days. By following the process, keeping yourself
accountable and executing on a daily basis, you will establish the foundation for a career of high
earnings potential.

This is not a book for tire-kickers and dabblers. This is a roadmap to success for people who
have the hunger to succeed, the grit to handle the daily grind, and the perseverance to execute
on a daily basis. If that’s you, then welcome to the rest of your career! It’s gonna be a wild ride.

To PRE-order your copy today, visit www.dirty-130.com


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