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Make Mentorship a Priority

My question for you today is, do you have a mentor? Are you mentoring somebody else? One of the things that needs to happen in

Who is Your Competition?

I just left Orange Theory, where for one hour, I got my butt just absolutely obliterated by soccer moms in yoga pants. The whole time

Flip the Script on the Phones

One of the things COVID has done is it has forced everybody to tighten up their phone game. If you’re still not having success, you

You Have to be a Hybrid

Listen, if you’re going to be successful in this game, you got to turn yourself into a hybrid. If you don’t understand what that means,

Don’t Get Blinded by Premium

How many times have we heard it? But it’s a hundred thousand. But it’s a $200,000 account. But it’s $300,000 in premium. Guys, you can’t