In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and guest co-host Ryan Deeds interviews Joe Hollier, Nifty Rewards Co-Founder. Joe explains what the Metaverse is, how we can benefit from it, and what we need to expect in the future.

Episode Highlights:

  • Joe shares his background story and the what led him to Nifty Rewards. (2:21)
  • Joe explains what the Metaverse is, and its advantages and disadvantages. (6:35)
  • Joe shares that what they do with Nifty is build an agent-facing community and teach agents on a unique platform. (11:07)
  • Joe talks about a new idea that they are currently building that will be called NFP, or Non-Fungible Promotion. (14:15)
  • Joe talks about how Spatial has improved and that you can create your own space. (19:29)
  • Joe differentiates, that Web1 is the prodigy of AOL, Web2 allows us to engage, and Web3 is the virtual experience. (21:57)
  • Joe explains that the problem that we are facing now is that technology is innovating too fast. (27:21)
  • Joe talks about the importance of having knowledge about the Metaverse and being able to imagine what can be done in terms of adaptation. (36:29)
  • Joe explains that the more we talk about the Metaverse and its technology, the more it will become a naturally growing conversation. (39:36)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “What we’re doing with nifty is building an agent-facing community, you know, what we’re doing is teaching agents in a different unique kind of platform, what digital engagement looks like, what it looks like to put your brand out there in a Metaverse.” – Joe Hollier
  • “Everything you do, everything we do in life, there’s going to be this digital connection. And we’re going to be living in this environment, not just looking at it on a screen. So that’s really going to be what Web3 is all about.” – Joe Hollier
  • “I think the grand dream or the grand fantasy of a Metaverse is you have all these virtual worlds that exist. And your little avatar can hop from one to the other, and engage with whatever’s going on in those particular virtual worlds or ecosystems. It’s not there yet, what we have right now is a bunch of individual virtual worlds.” – Joe Hollier

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