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In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Mohamad Momin. Mohamad is the principal and commercial insurance producer at Starr Insurance Agency. Mohamad talks about building a business on the non-standard side and the systems they use for AMS and CRM.

Episode Highlights:

  • David introduces Mohamad Momin. (1:31)
  • Mohamad shares that he took a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering and bought into a franchise operation. It was strictly auto business and eventually didn’t work out. (2:10)
  • Mohamad shares that Starr Insurance Agency was a non-standard office and they were handling all the bucket shop tasks. (4:03)
  • Mohamad shares that non-standard is a different beast on its own. It’s not as service driven. (5:05)
  • Mohamad mentions that his GM started as a non-standard agent with him. (11:28)
  • Mohamad mentions that everyone has a purpose in life and he hates seeing people who are not maximizing their full potential. (14:49)
  • Mohamad shares that in his agency they have an option to do non-standard auto or commercial. (17:36)
  • Mohamad mentions that  Starr Insurance Agency  is purely retail and commercial. 99% of his clients are Asian and that’s why he’s been approached by other agencies who want to buy his agency. (28:44)
  • Mohamad shares that for their CRM they use InsuredMine and for their policy management they use NowCerts. (38:08)
  • Mohamad shares that their non-standard marketing is a bit easier because they have a lot of dead files and that database of clients is a huge factor. The standard side has always been 110% referrals. (40:01)
  • Mohamad mentions that if you try to bundle all your clients into one captive and mess it up, your reputation will be gone. (46:32)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I tell all my employees to use me as a stepping stone. Come here and learn because I don’t expect you to work for me for the rest of your life but I want you to grow with me. Max out as far as you can go with me, then move up.” – Mohamad Momin
  • “As an agency owner, you just hurt to see potential in somebody and they’re not maximizing that potential.” – Mohamad Momin
  • “If you had employees with you for 14 years, where do you draw the line between being an awesome boss or a friend?” – Mohamad Momin
  • “It’s purely based on relationships and they prefer to deal with people within their community or their ethnicity.” – Mohamad Momin

Resources Mentioned:

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