A Well Kept Secret with Van Carlson, Episode #300


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Van Carlson, Founder of SRA. Van discusses his approach to risk mitigation through tax deferral strategies and his unique perspective on creating efficient business plans and navigating the challenges entrepreneurs and business owners face in today’s financial landscape.

Episode Highlights:

  • Van mentions that self-insuring risk and utilizing an 831(B) plan can effectively mitigate risk for business owners and entrepreneurs, helping them revive the risk-reward balance that may have diminished over time. (2:54)
  • Van explains using pre-tax dollars through 831(B) plan is a more efficient way for business owners to manage and mitigate risks, especially in situations where traditional insurance coverage may be limited or costly. (12:30)
  • Van emphasizes the importance of mitigating risks and having a well-funded business plan. (22:24)
  • Van explains that professional liability, contractor default, and warranties are major business risks that can be effectively managed through risk financing tools and tax deferral strategies. (27:00)
  • Van discusses the importance of utilizing an 831(B) for business owners to maximize tax efficiency and retain customers through preventive service contracts. (31:14)
  • Van believes that trusted advisors are crucial for reaching busy and sophisticated clients, and compensating them for their relationships is just good business. (34:35)
  • Van mentions that SRA’s website is designed to educate business owners and advisors about the importance of a pooling mechanism and shared risk to minimize exposure and ensure client satisfaction. (47:10)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I come from a residual income background, I believe in residual income as the way to survive this world. ” – Van Carlson
  • “We have a pretty good sales team in place, that will help benefit their clients, we do webinars, we do all the educational things, and that’s really what we’re doing. Right, educating clients. And you know, I tell people all the time, my best salespeople are people that can educate.” – Van Carlson

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