In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Crystal Ware, Chief Risk Strategist at Empower Benefits & Insurance Group. Crystal discusses how she transitioned from being an attorney to becoming an insurance producer and how they are helping their clients by simplifying the insurance process.

Episode Highlights:

  • Crystal shares her background story. (2:29)
  • How does Crystal’s background in risk management help her with what she’s doing now? (5:03)
  • Crystal explains why people should let their clients talk in advance. (7:26)
  • Crystal mentions that she constantly reminds people that her law background has been a huge benefit to her, but that doesn’t mean that others need a law background to do what they’re doing. (10:24)
  • How did Crystal and her team establish and continue to grow the agency in an area where energy is likely the top revenue generator in Texas? (14:01)
  • Crystal emphasizes the need for ensuring that frequent OSHA reporting and safety precautions are followed. (19:11)
  • Crystal mentions that their team is always intertwined with all new prospects right out of the gate. (25:58)
  • Crystal mentions that people must be comfortable having conversations and sharing things that the client may not want to hear. (35:32)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “We need our clients to talk to us in advance. Because sometimes they run into these weird, unusual contractual scenarios and without working with the right person with the technical expertise, and talking to them in advance, you’re going to find yourself in a really challenging position.” – Crystal Ware
  • “I always tell people, my law background has been a huge advantage to me. But it does not mean you need a law background to do what we’re doing.” – Crystal Ware
  • “We have to be comfortable having a conversation. Saying that thing that maybe the client doesn’t want to hear…And I actually lead with that all the time.” – Crystal Ware

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