In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast: The Protege, David Carothers interviews Brady Neal, President of CORROSOURCE. Brady talks about how he built his career in the insurance industry and the reason why he wanted to join Killing Commercial.

Episode Highlights:

  • Brady shares his background. (2:19)
  • Brady gives us some highlights on his career in law enforcement. (3:46)
  • Brady shares the lessons he’s learned in his career. (4:59)
  • Brady shares an unforgettable moment, being an investigator. (6:57)
  • Brady explains why he wanted to join Killing Commercial. (13:59)
  • Brady shares how law enforcement helped grow his confidence. (21:28)
  • What has been the biggest surprise for Brady through this process? (23:30)
  • Brady shares his biggest takeaway at this moment. (24:05)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “You are who you are, and don’t try to hide anything about who you are. Just tell your story, be authentic. I think that’s gonna make you better in the end versus trying to create a story.” – Brady Neal
  • “What’s caught me off guard is, I need to develop that relationship with the underwriter almost bigger than the relationship I have with a potential prospect.” – Brady Neal
  • “I needed that accountability to drive me and it has produced this accountability in me to take steps that I know I never would have taken unless I was challenged to do that.” – Brady Neal

Resources Mentioned:

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