Becoming the Protege with Bryan McCall


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Bryan Mccall, Agency Owner of Sand Springs Agency and Contender on The Protege Season 2. Bryan discusses why he joined The Protege, and what he has learned so far from the competition.

Episode Highlights:

  • Bryan explains how he got into commercial insurance. (2:55)
  • Bryan expresses gratitude to Sean and the other Protege participants for their kindness. (9:44)
  • Bryan, David, and Kyle talk about the amazing Protege belt that IPFS funded for the winner. (18:36)
  • David mentions Ric Flair as the second professional athlete he called out on the show. (20:26)
  • Bryan explains why he joined the protege. (26:15)
  • Bryan mentions that joining the Protege is like going outside of your comfort zone because commercial insurance was not in his wheelhouse and was not something that came naturally to him. (31:09)
  • Bryan discusses the most surprising aspect of The Protege process. (34:54)
  • Bryan believes that things that come easily never last, and that things that last never come easily. (54:27)
  • Bryan expresses his desire to become a permanent member of the Killing Commercial group. (57:29)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I wanted everybody to know how much fun this can be, you know, going through this process, seeing what’s out there for commercial. And really, for me, I know that it’s gonna seem like a stretch, stepping outside of your comfort zone. Because commercial was not in my wheelhouse. Like I said, I was licensed. But it wasn’t something that came naturally to me.” – Bryan Mccall
  • “Things that come easy, never last things that last never come easy.” – Bryan Mccall
  • “My ultimate goal is to become a permanent part of your Killing Commercial group… I want to be a part of that and help anybody else. Whether they want to be mentored by me or not.” – Bryan Mccall

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