In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast: The Protege, David Carothers interviews Jason Webb, Owner of Minnesota Risk Partners & Host of Minnesota Made Podcast. Jason talks about his experience from the competition and the feedback from his mentors.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jason shares his thoughts about Protege. (2:34)
  • Josh and Bradley explain why they picked Jason to be part of their team. (3:51)
  • What were Jason’s thoughts on the first challenge? (7:11)
  • Jason shares how he felt about the branding challenge. (8:27)
  • Jason mentions the pandemic compliance review that he’s offering. (9:28)
  • What has been Jason’s favorite part of the experience? (11:29)
  • Josh shares the three yeses that people have to get. (12:40)
  • Jason shares his podcast, called, Minnesota Made Podcast. (25:17)

Key Quotes:

  • “When I saw the mention of the Protege, I’m like, well, this sounds exactly like what I should do. And, it helped me motivate myself to get off my butt and actually start executing some things.” – Jason Webb
  • “By blacking out the premium or withholding this information, you’re taking my negotiating power with the underwriter away. What’s going to happen is she or he is not going to work as hard on the account, because we’re batting blind. You’re effectively accomplishing the opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish.” – Jason Webb
  • “The name Minnesota Made podcast, it’s focusing on highlighting our interviews with local business leaders in the community…Anybody in Minnesota, athletes, anybody that’s done something significant that people want to hear about. I give them the chance to tell their story.” – Jason Webb

Resources Mentioned:

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