In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast: The Protege, David Carothers interviews Ryan Keating, CIC, Vice President of Keating Agency Insurance. They’re joined by Protege coaches Ryan Hanley and Ricky Hayter to discuss Ryan Keating’s journey in joining the reality show, and why coaches Ryan Hanley and Ricky Hater chose him.

Episode Highlights:

  • What was Ryan Keating’s initial reaction when he saw that they were going to have a reality show for insurance production? (3:37)
  • Ryan Keating shares why he wanted to be part of Killing Commercial. (4:35)
  • Ryan Keating shares why the value proposition was the hardest piece to put together. (6:58)
  • Ricky Hater explains why he picked Ryan Keating. (8:12)
  • Ryan Hanley explains what stood out for him about Ryan Keating. (8:52)
  • What’s the biggest surprise that Ryan Keating experienced, going through the competition? (19:34)
  • What has been Ryan Keating’s biggest takeaway from the show? (29:35)

Key Quotes:

  • “In the branding (challenge), I kind of thought I was going to bring up the whole challenge sheet I put together, but it worked well… And, then, getting COVID obviously wasn’t fun, in the middle of it… but, the timing worked out well for that.” – Ryan Keating
  • “So, I picked Keating first, because in the very beginning…and, I don’t remember what the posts were…But, he was posting and he was getting a big following about it. At the time, with that following, we thought he was an asset.” – Ricky Hayter
  • “I’d say part of why I also wanted to get involved with this is… the younger generation of where insurance is going. Iowa is definitely a great place to see the sharing side of things.” – Ryan Keating

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