In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers interviews Ryan Smith, a contestant on The Protege. Ryan talks about his experience on the insurance reality show, and shares some of the lessons that he has learned thus far.

Episode Highlights:

  • Ryan shares his background growing up in Lawton, Oklahoma and what led him to join the insurance industry. (2:48)
  • Ryan explains that part of his struggle in his submissions to The Protege is talking too much. (10:28)
  • Ryan shares that his goal is to be a fourth-generation agency owner and take the company to new heights. (12:50)
  • Ryan explains that having mentors through the independent agent channel has been so valuable for him. (20:39)
  • Ryan shares how he thinks he would be able to stand out in The Protege challenges. (28:38)
  • Ryan elaborates on how he is still analyzing how he can be able to be more intentional and focus on the words he is using in a strategic way. (31:15)
  • David reveals that one of the things he was looking for was to see how many people would contact Josh Gurley. (38:47)
  • Ryan explains how contestants connect with each other and bond every episode. (43:09)
  • Ryan shares that the interaction with the coaches and friends that root for him has been the most motivating experience for him. (47:00)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Ultimately, my goal is to be the fourth generation agency owner, Smith and Sons. And I mean, I’m a part owner already, but I want to take this generation of the business to new places to new heights.” – Ryan Smith
  • “Having mentors, you know, through the independent agent channel, has been so valuable for me talking with people like Beaux Pilgrim, Jason Cass, and Mike Crowley.” – Ryan Smith
  • “Insurance agents are not just old guys sitting around with fishing poles holding the dollar over you and saying, ‘Oh, gotcha’. You know, there’s really a lot of excitement and a lot of fun that can be had in this industry.” – Ryan Smith

Resources Mentioned:

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