In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers interviews Sean Kirby, from Performance Group Indiana, and contestant from The Protege season 2. Sean shares his experience on the show and the things he has been able to apply in the real world, and how he got an immunity because of his work product.

Episode Highlights:

  • Sean shares how he became interested in joining the Protege for season 2, after watching the first season. (3:40)
  • Sean explains that the relationships he gained with the other contestants on the show were a welcome surprise to him. (5:04)
  • Sean mentions that he had a great experience going through the challenges and how he has been able to apply them to his business. (7:45)
  • Sean shares how he was able to come up with the Blue Collar Blueprint, and so far has come to gain appointments from it. (9:15)
  • Sean explains that one of the challenges he has been faced is being too friendly and not separating the business enough to take things to the next step. (11:17)
  • David explains that Sean has a great team, and it’s only a matter of consistency in being able to see results. (15:15)
  • David and Sean share some of their experiences with one of the more unique characters on the show. (21:16)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “It made me become a bit more creative than I think I usually am, like, in a marketing sense. I’ve got some great coaches, so they’ve helped me fine tune where I fit in the marketplace and how to really build something for the customer.” – Sean Kirby
  • “The persistence behind it, it will all pay off. I’m in the right group right now. One of them’s got to hit. That’s all I need.” – Sean Kirby
  • “There was nobody that I would say just nailed it every week. The people that made it through are the ones that were the most consistent in their work product, period.” – David Carothers

Resources Mentioned:

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