In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers goes live at the Young Agents Conference in Oklahoma with guests Julie Hamill, Ryan Smith, Bradley Owens, Jase Riggs, Trent Willis, Wes Becknell, Shania Slavick, and Krista Kautz to discuss their experiences at the conference. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Julie Hamill shares that her favorite part of the conference is networking. (2:42)
  • Brad Owens mentions that he was reawakened by what David Carothers spoke about at the conference and is ready to read the book “The Dirty 130”. (3:41)
  • Jase Riggs, Wes Becknell, and Trent Willis explain that there were a lot of great things that happened at the conference, and the real challenge is being able to apply and implement those things in real life. (10:54)
  • Trent Willis shares that one of the things that separate successful agency owners is that they take action. (13:46)
  • Trent Willis and Wes Becknell explain that attending conferences like the Young Agents Conference helps you to get better by knowing what successful people are doing. (19:46)
  • Shania Slavick mentions that this was one of the most successful events they have attended, especially being able to bring new attendees that are young agents. (25:26)
  • Krista Kautz shares the heartwarming story of her peers setting up a fundraiser for her stepmother who is battling cancer. (30:22)
  • David Carothers encourages all the listeners to help out and raise the target goal of the fundraiser which is $25,000. (35:54)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I think this success is really going to be who goes back and implements what they learned, right? That’s what we come to conferences and learn. But can we go back and implement it?” – Trent Willis
  • “We’re definitely trying to battle that talent gap. And the students were so engaged and amazed at how cool this industry could be. And then the amount of connections that they’re getting for potential employers. Because, anyone knows that whenever you first come out of college, it’s hard for some to get a job because you’re competing against other resumes with experience.”- Krista Kautz
  • “I think the thing that sets us apart as successful agency owners is that all of us sitting around right here, we all take action. We take the first step. We’re not scared to have this conversation. We don’t let fear get in our way.” – Trent Willis

Resources Mentioned:

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