Bonds in a Zip with Zach Mefferd, Episode #303


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers interviews Zach Mefferd, CEO and Co-founder of Zip Bonds about the latest trends and innovations in the bond market. Learn how these developments are shaping the insurance industry and how agents can adapt to stay ahead and how Zip Bonds is innovating and leading change in this space.

Key Topics:

  • The shift in the surety bond market and its current state.
  • The importance of agents focusing on smaller aspects of client risk profiles, especially bonding.
  • Innovations and updates in Zip Bonds’ offerings.
  • Strategies for agents to leverage surety bonds in growing their business.
  • The underwriting process and creative solutions in bond issuance.
  • The role of surety bonds in risk management for various businesses.

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