Bound and Determined with Meg McKeen, Episode #214


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Meg McKeen Founder & Consultant at Adjunct Advisors. Meg talks about her life as a digital nomad, how she created a virtual business, and shares the lessons she learned as a woman in the industry.

Episode Highlights:

  • Meg explains what a digital nomad is and her current setup for working from anywhere, as she is always on the move. (3:12)
  • Meg shares that the life of being a digital nomad is not easy, as it opens up different challenges along the way. (7:25)
  • Meg explains why she decided to start her business virtually and how it benefited her operations when COVID came. (11:33)
  • Meg shares that the most common issues that her clients bring up are mostly related to the misalignment of talent, timeframes, and goals from the producer back to the organization. (16:29)
  • Meg mentions that one thing that helped her succeed in business is knowing how to navigate a system that was not built for her. (27:29)
  • Meg shares that one of the most rewarding things she can do is to walk away from really nice revenue because of a values misalignment. (41:44)
  • Meg explains that it is important to show producers that it is okay to say no, and to be there to support them when they do. (45:37)
  • Meg mentions that she supports using discovery meeting calls. (53:37)
  • Meg advises listeners that if they are not on their way to their goal, it’s not too late to change their course. (57:56)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “The problem that I see over and over again is a misalignment of talent, timeframes, and goals from the producer back to the organization.” – Meg McKeen
  • “Instead of trying to figure out how to play a game or navigate a system that wasn’t built for you, create an entirely different one. I’m never gonna fix ‘all the problems’ that you’ve just highlighted in our business… What I can do is introduce some ideas, some concepts, and support for those who want to go about it differently.” – Meg McKeen
  • “The perspective that I’ve had for 23 years on our business is that it’s a business that wasn’t built for me. So if I want to be successful in whatever, and I’ve been on the carrier side, I’ve been on the agency side, and now I’m out schlepping my own services, I have had to figure out how to navigate a system that wasn’t built for me.” – Meg McKeen

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