Breakin’ Ankles in the Insurance Game with Tamron Manning, Episode #234


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Tamron Manning, Agency Owner of Integrity Insurance. Tamron discusses his journey from being an athlete to starting his own insurance agency, as well as the opportunities that arise in the future for Integrity Insurance.

Episode Highlights:

  • Tamron shares about his background playing basketball and how that experience has helped him as he moved into the insurance industry. (2:382)
  • Tamron mentions that he has been running his business on his own since October 2021 and that he is not currently working with a team. (12:02)
  • Kyle believes that being a coachable person is a lesson he learned early in his high school basketball career that has stuck with him. (14:06)
  • David explains why he preferred not to go to appointments by himself when he first started his career and how it has benefited him. (18:18)
  • Tamron mentions that the biggest eye-opening part of starting his own agency was how detailed the processes needed to be, and shares how various podcasts helped him understand what processes and systems he needed to run his agency. (27:47)
  • Tamron mentions that he plans to attend commercial training and learn about the commercial side so that he can add commercial lines to his agency in the future. (34:56)
  • David advises listeners to figure out their hourly rate as early in their careers as possible, as well as what they are willing to work for and what they are not. (40:26)
  • David believes that if you identify your ideal prospect, construct your marketing systems around that prospect, and are effective at marketing, you should only attract that prospect. (45:01)
  • Tamron encourages individuals to build things with an end goal in mind. (51:59)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Luckily, people like David and Bradley and other people, these podcasts that kind of pan out these different ways you can go, it was a big help for me because I was able to understand certain processes and what processes I needed, what systems I could use, that could help me build some stuff out.” – Tamron Manning
  • “I haven’t nailed down a niche in commercial or figured out what I like or any of that stuff. So, I want to do some training and some learning about commercial first, but that’s my next step is to add a nice commercial side of the book.” – Tamron Manning
  • “If you want it to be profitable, don’t settle for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, when you have a steak waiting on you at the end of this. Don’t do the little things that’ll just feed you for just a little bit. Look at the long game man. I did that with basketball, I do it in my business, I do it in my relationships, there’s a long play to everything.” – Tamron Manning

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