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In this episode of The Power Producers PodcastDavid Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Bobby Schmidt, Director of Digital and Product Marketing at Zywave. Bobby discusses the cloud-based portfolio of solutions and how they are continually working to strengthen the technology platform.

Episode Highlights:

  • David introduces Bobby Schmidt. (1:29)
  • Bobby shares his work background. (2:06)
  • David mentions that Zywave is an excellent tool and he uses it at Florida Risk Partners. (5:04)
  • Bobby says that two of their flagship products are the Broker Briefcase and ModMaster. (6:48)
  • Bobby shares that they wanted to invest substantially in R&D and obtain a thought- out acquisition strategy to become a central partner. (9:00)
  • Bobby says the Broker Briefcase has the ability to boost sales and marketing. (9:19)
  • Are data points done on an individual account by account basis or by industry segment? (13:01)
  • Kyle says the Zywave was introduced to him by when they first met to discuss his onboarding. (15:05)
  • Does the level of data that we get through using the Broker Briefcase campaigns lag compared to what we can get from HubSpot? (24:01)
  • Bobby says they use a marketing automation system in their marketing team. (26:51)
  • Does Bobby foresee anything on the horizon where we’re able to use Zapier integrations? (27:24)
  • What’s on the horizon for Zywave right now? (31:25)
  • Bobby says that leveraging data from miEdge makes prospecting smarter and easier. (32:25)
  • Bobby talks about the MyWave to Client Cloud portal. (37:06)
  • Bobby says that Zywave’s advanced learning management system is applicable to P&C. (37:50)
  • Bobby believes that they can meet the needs of any agency because they have different suite options that are certain solutions packaged together at different levels. (39:48)

Tweetable Quotes:

  •  “A full-service insurance agency, that’s absolutely something Zywave does provide.” – Bobby Schmidt.
  • “The possibilities really are endless, and how to fuel the other technology that we’ve already built are currently in the works.” – Bobby Schmidt
  • “Your system of truth is your source of truth.” – Bobby Schmidt

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