In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers interviews Chris Greene, The Flood Insurance Guru. Chris discusses the Flood Education Center’s mission and highlights the importance of customer/client feedback and the key elements to consider while developing content.

Episode Highlights:

  • Chris discusses why he chose to launch the Flood Education Center on the 10th anniversary of his mother’s passing. (3:00)
  • Chris mentions that the Flood Education Center has been in the works for four years before he launched it. (5:11)
  • Chris explains how he determines the appropriate video duration and how much he can provide to someone before it becomes too much? (11:16)
  • When developing content, Chris explains why it is critical to focus on what our consumers do. (15:07)
  • Chris explains what a universal customer experience is and why it is important to them. (20:46)
  • Chris mentions having the Learning Center on HubSpot with all of the data in there, makes it really easy. (23:14)
  • Chris explains why HubSpot Academy is amazing. (29:23)
  • Chris explains why all of their videos are between two and two and a half minutes long. (34:20)
  • Chris discusses how dedicated they are to ensuring that the Learning Center fulfills its purpose. (36:11)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “When people give you feedback, don’t get an ego and say, you know, whatever, or, you know, I’m better than that, really listen to it, so that you can continue to improve it.” – Chris Greene
  • “We do some content that we personally want to do, yes. But we really try to focus on what our customers want.” – Chris Greene
  • “If you can’t find what you’re looking for, if it doesn’t have it, make sure to fill out a contact us form in the notes put, ‘Hey, I’m looking for this if your learner center doesn’t have this’, and we will go and actually create that content, just for you.” – Chris Greene

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