Built on the Backs of Safety Geeks with Rob Stansbury, Episode #113

rob stansbury

In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Rob Stansbury, Director of Sales at KPA. Rob talks about everything we need to know about KPA and the tools they’ve designed.

Episode Highlights:

  • Rob shares his background. (2:27)
  • Rob mentions what they do at KPA. (5:41)
  • Rob explains why certificate monitoring could be huge leverage. (11:17)
  • Rob explains some of the tools they’ve designed. (16:26)
  • Rob mentions one of the areas that producers are not engaging in. (22:14)
  • Rob shares one of the unique things about KPA. (36:44)
  • Rob explains why it’s so important to understand different mindsets at the employer level. (44:18)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “There are tools out there that are intended for brokers to use for growth purposes, for marketing purposes. And, we certainly engage in that way with our broker clients. But, at heart, we’re an employer too.” – Rob Stansbury
  • “So in today’s market, where you’re delivering premiums that are higher than they were the year before… if you can offset that or mitigate that by potentially reducing an existing third party spend, there’s another gold star in a corner of the broker for being able to do so.” – Rob Stansbury
  • “I wish more brokers were out there talking about not just experienced mod work comp, but also, the compliance from a regulatory perspective for these businesses because it’s a goldmine.” – Rob Stansbury

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