In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Raghav Tanna, co-founder & CEO of Tarmika. Raghav discusses the importance of utilizing technology, and how Tarmika has built a system that allows agencies to quote commercial business more efficiently.

Episode Highlights:

  • Raghav shares his background. (2:55)
  • Raghav discusses Tarmika and how they differ from their competition. (5:25)
  • Raghav explains why they will never change the way they approach agencies. (12:09)
  • Raghav talks about why carriers don’t have API in the United States of America. (12:38)
  • Is there any significance to the name Tarmika? (19:33)
  • Raghav explains why individuals lose agency and what they can do to avoid it. (24:58)
  • Raghav says he’s always keeping an eye on the expansion of equity firms, such as private equity firms because they’re becoming heavily engaged in insurance right now. (30:58)
  • How would Raghav cover a pandemic? (35:54)
  • Raghav thinks that we are five years behind in terms of understanding what Cyber is and that it should be covered in terrorism coverage. (38:30)
  • Raghav believes that execution is lacking, not only in the insurance industry but across the board with most people. (46:06)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “At our core, we’re a commercialized writing platform. We’ve built functionality and uniqueness within our system that allows agencies to quote commercial business a little bit more efficiently and faster…we have agencies in the top 100, we have the five out of six largest aggregators in the country. So, we’ve really focused on making the lives of agencies easier.” – Raghav Tanna
  • “I was never going to change the way that we approached agencies because I understood agencies and I knew what they wanted at their core, and it wasn’t to sell their business to someone else.” – Raghav Tanna
  • “I’m not the guy that tells people that they can’t do something.” – Raghav Tanna

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