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In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Chris McClure, Vice President of Agile Premium Finance. Chris talks about how to make it easy for the agencies to attract and retain business with their clients, how premium finance can be beneficial to the customer, and he shares his knowledge and expertise in the finance industry.

Episode Highlights:

  • David introduces Chris McClure. (2:09)
  • Chris shares that he worked in the insurance industry until he became a financial planner 20 years ago. (3:32)
  • Chris mentions that he’s been working at Agile Premium Finance for 15 years. (4:39)
  • Chris shares that 80% of your problems are coming from 20% of your clientele, and you must be prepared to deal with those issues. (7:38)
  • Chris mentions that he likes working with his clients to ensure that their financing program is set up as a good match for their book of business. (8:04)
  • Chris shares that if you have a CSR who doesn’t understand interest rates, and what it means to the customer, then it could create a potential problem for that customer. (11:29)
  • Chris mentions that agency principals and account managers don’t fully understand how premium finance is beneficial to their customers. (11:47)
  • Chris shares he would strongly encourage everybody to read the finance agreements that they’re signing because it’s a representation and warranty. (20:47)
  • Chris mentions that their ideal agency is called a middle-market agency, with an average premium of $20,000 per account. (21:45)
  • Chris shares that the smaller the agency, the more personal loans. The larger the agency and the more revenue coming in from your book of business, the easier it is to obtain. (41:45)
  • Chris mentions that from a premium finance standpoint, similar to your relationships with your clients, you want to capture all of their business, they would like for it to be a true partnership. (46:00)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “My clients are not people who are financing. My clients are the agencies, agency principals, we have to make it right for you so that you can make it right for you. And if we’re not doing that, something’s broken along the line, we need to drill down and figure it out.” – Chris McClure
  • “I kind of equated the old happy wife, happy life concept…The same thing with an agency, you got the account managers, your client, the agency principal happy, everything seems to run smoothly. It’s when there’s not that happiness, that frustrations for the tiniest of things can come out.” – Chris McClure

Resources Mentioned:

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