In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and guest host Ryan Hanley interview Jamie Peers, VP of Sales and Alliances at Synatic. Jamie discusses how Synatic provides a full integration solution that delivers value at a fast speed, and also how Synatic minimizes data integration, automation, and analytics time and cost by up to 80% by combining simple tools with enterprise-grade functionality.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jamie shares his background story and explains what Synetic is all about.
  • Jamie explains that the “Miller Lite” is a machine that can learn to decide on data. (7:00)
  • Jamie explains that an API is a way for people to programmatically interact with the system and get data in and out. (9:36)
  • Jamie provides a few examples of the solutions that Synatic has delivered. (18:21)
  • Jamie shares that “Ivan’s” has a huge amount of critical mass and it is a big challenge to compete with them. (27:53)
  • Jamie explains that creating new AMS and EMS platforms is possible, but there is the same issue of having another data point. (32:33)
  • Jamie shares that what they are doing is to show the market that data and integrations do not need to be expensive. (39:59)
  • Jamies shares that the industry is running behind other industries, just from a data maturity point of view. (46:30)
  • Jamie shares why it is difficult to deal with and get data out of claims. (55:23)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “We need to make systems work together better, and it’s plausible, so let’s go and do it. And it’s why we’re focusing on the insurance industry because we see that momentum change.” – Jamie Peers
  • “So, we take an API that speaks English and make it speak to another API that speaks French, and that is effectively what Synatic does. An API is a way for people to programmatically interact with the system and get data in and out.” – Jamie Peers
  • “My opinion on Ivan’s is that they’ve got a huge amount of critical mass. And that is very telling. So to even conceptualize competing with Ivan’s is just such a monstrous thing.” – Jamie Peers

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