In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers interviews Chris Steffl, and Daniel Metcalf of CyberFin. Chris and Daniel discuss everything they’re doing to make waves in the commercial insurance industry for producers and agencies who want to become better at using cyber to establish relationships and educate their clients on cyber liability.

Episode Highlights:

  • Chris explains that he is a second-generation insurance professional who has worked for an insurance wholesale company for 20 years. (3:03)
  • Daniel mentions that he has spent the past 15 years addressing business challenges for technology, and he has assisted in the development of a service on how to ensure that banks and credit unions comply with rules. (3:50)
  • Daniel explains how they have assisted MSPs and commercial insurance companies. (7:22)
  • Daniel explains that spoofed authentication, when a cybercriminal impersonates you or our organization to gain their multi-factor authentication credentials.. (13:21)
  • Daniel discusses Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) which looks for ransomware code malware code on your computer that may be disguised. (23:28)
  • Daniel explains that cybercriminals are targeting small and medium-sized enterprises because they have realized that they are an easier, more profitable target. (30:23)
  • Chris explains that each industry has different risks, yet they are all comparable across industries. (37:21)
  • Chris explains that for the past six months, they have been working on developing a program that would allow agencies and agents to bring their customers in to be educated about cyber liability. (39:31)
  • David discusses why cyber liability is getting more popular these days. (42:31)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “EDR is Endpoint, Detection and Response…What EDR does is it looks for ransomware code, malware code actively working on your computer because it can be masked as something that’s supposed to be there.” – Daniel Metcalf
  • “Multilayer protection is so important and that’s the thing we’re really trying to get out there on time, because right now, one line of defense can be gotten through, possibly, you’ve got to have multiple lines of defense to basically stop this.” – Chris Steffl
  • “One thing we’ve put in place over the last six months here, is really trying to offer a program that as an agency or an agent to be able to bring their customers in so they can become educated.” – Chris Steffl

Resources Mentioned:

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