Dialin’ for Dollars with Kody Houck, Episode #288


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and guest co-host Grayson Carothers chat with Kody Houck about the importance of cold calling and how implementing training, development, and support in this area can make it less of an obstacle for producers.

Episode Highlights:

  • Kody shares his journey into insurance and reflects on the importance of investing in yourself through coaching, education, and professional designations. (1:06)
  • Speaker 2 invested in non-insurance specific coaching this year, resulting in a 5x return on investment. (5:15)
  • Speaker 2 shares their experience of building a personal brand through social media, emphasizing the importance of creating content that is relatable and easy to understand. (7:18)
  • David Carothers explains how his agency adapted to the pandemic by shifting from cold call marketing to blanket calls, with a focus on building relationships and training new hires. (11:56)
  • Kody and Dave discuss using personalized scripts to coach new sales reps on how to handle calls with smaller clients, focusing on niche markets and revenue levels. (18:59)
  • Grayson shares his thoughts on why they choose to invest in themselves at a young age, including the desire to have a bucket list and the importance of mental clarity and recharging. (28:03)
  • Kody shares that joining and learning from Killing Commerical has allowed him to differentiate himself from his competition (32:05)
  • Kody discusses the importance of investing in technology and AI in order to get your time back. (40:57)
  • David explains that the biggest obstacle for producers is call reluctance, and he plans to provide training and development to help them overcome this challenge. (43:33)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “A lot of people are scared to take that leap. I mean, for me, it was a scary cutting a five figure check for business coaching this year, when I’ve got to feed my family, I’ve got rent to pay, trying to grow the agency, etc. But man, it’s just been I can’t express how much it’s contributed to the growth this year.” – Kody Houck
  • “I joined Killing Commercial last year…So now, you know, year and a half later, investing in the education and things that I have on the insurance side, and spending more time with you. Now, I’ll tell you what, it really does just allow you to have another level of conversation and differentiate yourself from 98% of your competition out there.” – Kody Houck

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