In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Ron Shroyer, Vice President of Sales at Aureus Analytics. Ron discusses what Aureus Analytics is doing, what the Donna platform is and what it does, and how they’re using integration to make it a lot simpler to operate an agency intelligently.

Episode Highlights:

  • Ron shares his interesting background (2:26)
  • Ron believes that the end client is the most important thing for an insurance producer. (5:12)
  • Ron explains what makes Ryan Deeds unique. (6:51)
  • Ron talks about what they’re doing to gather data. (9:00)
  • Ron mentions that the foundational technology is what they brought over to the US to be able to build the Donna platform. (10:35)
  • Ron talks about their recent integrations with other platforms. (21:52)
  • Ron mentions that Glove Box is doing a fantastic job of integrating a lot of useful information into a way for agencies to communicate with clients, especially through an app. (25:55)
  • Ron expresses his optimism that the industry will reach that all-encompassing solution within the next 5 to 7 years. (41:25)
  • Ron talks about Donna version 3.0 that was just released. (42:25)
  • Ron mentions that if you have that core technology and data stored away, and you know what processes you need to follow and apply. (48:32)
  • Ron believes that there’s enough business for everyone, especially on the agency side. (50:50)
  • Ron advises everybody to take one step forward at a time, get the momentum built. (52:11)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “That’s really what we want to do at Aureus Analytics with this Donna platform is give the end-users who are working with customers just quick insights, how they can better serve their customers, make sure they’re keeping them, but let them know where they should spend their time, what types of products they should position as of today, so they can just delight the customers, grow the business, and retain it.” – Ron Shroyer
  • “I am very optimistic that the industry over the next five, seven years is going to get to that all-encompassing solution – Ron Shroyer
  • “The integrations that we’re working with and the awesome companies that are out there to integrate with…integrations are first and foremost vital to us being able to scale and we’re making tremendous progress right now.” – Ron Shroyer

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