Do the Hustle with Aaron Gordon | Shoptalk Series, Episode #145


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers sits down with Aaron Gordon, Vice President of Gordon Companies Insurance Services, and host of Keep Hustling Podcast. Aaron discusses evolving the hustle from a simple hashtag to a vibrant brand and podcast, and the cultural impact and personal strategies that define success. 

Key Topics:

  • Aaron shares the evolution of the “Keep Hustling” brand and podcast
  • Discussion on the personal definition of hustle and its varied interpretations
  • The importance of community support in maintaining and promoting the hustle
  • Ways to integrate hustle into everyday life without leading to burnout
  • The role of authenticity and consistent effort in achieving success
  • Aaron’s practical examples of applying hustle in business and personal areas
  • Future plans for expanding the influence of the Keep Hustling community

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