Easing the Pain in a Hard Market with Greg Rueter, Episode #287


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers interviews Greg Rueter, Founder of R&R Insurance Advisors. Greg discusses their deductible buyback program and how this service is helping agencies make additional revenue in the hard market.

Episode Highlights:

  • Greg shares his 26-year experience in the financial services industry, now expanding into insurance with a consultative approach. (3:54)
  • Greg discusses the primary benefits of a supplemental insurance plan, which include deductible reimbursement for various types of vehicles, easy administration and enrollment, and repair reimbursement for mechanical failures. (9:29)
  • Greg mentions that the conversation during insurance renewal is crucial, with agents presenting options and explaining the benefits of different plans. (12:58)
  • Greg explains that R&R Insurance Advisors offers a fully managed recovery benefit for identity theft, including notifying the Federal Trade Commission and credit bureaus and guiding individuals through the recovery process. (23:52)
  • Greg shares that R&R Insurance Advisors have set up individual agencies with their own branded insurance plans, providing all the marketing tools, training, and support needed for success, and it has a simple enrollment process and no startup fees or minimums. (29:06)
  • Greg emphasizes the simplicity and ease of discussing and selling their product, encouraging agents to have conversations with potential clients and provide information without overthinking it, while also highlighting the flexibility and support provided by R&R Insurance Advisors. (30:49)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I think we’ve got a product and the process down to make it really easy and help folks generate some additional revenue because right now, our market is tough.” – Greg Rueter
  • “It’s about helping people in this hard market kind of figure out what’s going on and see if there’s another option to consider that they maybe didn’t have access to in the past.” – Greg Rueter

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