Every Agency Needs an Agency CFO with the RD Advisory Team, Episode #196


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers is joined by Cayla Carrillo, Don Polczynski, and Roe Polczynski of RD Advisory Group to talk about how their AgencyCFO service provides financial, growth, and organizational expertise to independent insurance agencies of all sizes. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Roe, Don, and Kayla share their background and how they got into the financial industry. (2:47)
  • Roe explains the difference between a CFO and a CPA. (10:23)
  • Don shares five things every agency owner should understand about finances. (11:33)
  • Cayla explains that they always tell their clients that the finance fundamentals are the same regardless of the agency size. (14:24)
  • Cayla shares that the one role that does not understand how they are compensated is mostly the producers. (18:37)
  • Don explains that for the vast majority of agencies, sales management is the weakest point. (24:53)
  • Don and Roe discuss the importance of producers talking in revenue and not locking in premium. (29:46)
  • Roe advises agency owners to look into how they are going to retain their employees now that they are halfway through the year. (35:28)
  • Cayla and Don explain why, aside from the revenue growth rate, it is also important to monitor the retention rate. (40:30)
  • Roe shares that, as CFO, it is their fiduciary responsibility to help agency owners maximize whatever they can. (47:21)
  • Roe offers agency owners a free program they can provide to their clients. (52:00)
  • Cayla explains that if financial noise is your number one problem, they can fix it. (56:49)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “When you consider yourself to be incorporated and a business within the agency, you truly, I think, learn to develop yourself and think about your own profitability.” – Cayla Carrillo
  • “As CFOs we have decided it is our fiduciary responsibility to help our agency owners maximize whatever they can.” – Roe Polczynski
  • “We are here to talk. We never charge. We don’t do quick sales. You call us if you have a quick question. We’re gonna help you. This is a program to enhance your business not to scare you or to take away from you.” – Roe Polczynski

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