Fixing Your Fleet with Foley Services, Episode #270


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers interviews Scott Mogensen and Joel Sitak of Foley. Scott and Joel discuss the challenges in the current hard market and share how Foley’s software simplifies the recruiting, screening, and monitoring of drivers in your fleet.   

Episode Highlights:

  • Scott and Joel discuss their career journeys and how they reached their current positions at Foley. (2:58)
  • Joel mentions that Foley assists motor carriers in developing a digital safety program, integrating tools and data sources for efficient screening, monitoring, and risk reduction. (6:57)
  • Scott explains that real-time monitoring of driver’s licenses allows immediate notification of any changes or issues, enabling proactive action and improved behavior from drivers. (13:23)
  • Joel discusses how emerging technology and changing laws are forcing employers to update their drug testing policies to address challenges in determining impairment and protect employees using CBD or hemp. (21:07)
  • Scott explains that solutions like motor vehicle record monitoring, random drug testing, and criminal monitoring are crucial for mitigating risk. (30:52)
  • Joel shares that as technology advances, safety profiles and driver data have become crucial for managing safety programs. (38:02)
  • Scott mentions that Foley’s software helps customers hire drivers quickly and monitor risk to lower insurance premiums. (40:24)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “What we’re helping our customers do is take these isolated processes that are non-standardized, and usually, in a lot of carriers’ cases, very paper-based, and bring them into a digital, single platform where they can operate more effectively both in the screening process and have more robust screening programs and also on the monitoring process, and really go one step beyond what the minimum compliance standards would be.” – Scott Mogensen
  • “Our solutions really help client retention because you’re going to keep that client, they’re not going to keep shopping around and find different insurance agencies to work with.” – Joel Sitak

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