In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers with co-host Kyle Houck and guest host Ryan Deeds interview Jeff Teschke, Founder & CEO of Forge3 to talk all the value of maximizing your agency’s website.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jeff shares about his early life, the school he attended, and what led him to create the insurance agency website platform, Forge3. (4:56)
  • Jeff elaborates on what agencies might not know about their websites from a technological perspective. (10:15)
  • Jeff shares that opportunity pages and about us pages are some of the most important pages on the agency’s website. (19:32)
  • Jeff explains that on the about page, agencies should show the human element as much as they can. (21:26)
  • Jeff explains that agencies that care about the value of the insurance and being well protected are an awesome fit for them. (27:08)
  • Jeff offers some tips on how to tell if a website was built the right way. (29:03)
  • Jeff discusses some of the downsides to customizing sites from scratch. (34:06)
  • Jeff on how websites can help you build pre-relationships with potential clients. (48:34)
  • Jeff explains that if you have a database on the website that can answer questions, it can be a great benefit to the agency in terms of web ranking in the long run. (54:25)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “You show that you’re the expert, and you’re the thought leader in this content. And I think that gets past insecurities of being too small for whatever people are looking for.” – Jeff Teschke
  • “In the insurance industry, there’s still a massive opportunity to be very different and to really breakthrough by just doing a little bit more than the other guys down the street.” – Jeff Teschke
  • “I think if you just do things where you can answer questions that clients have and then create that database on the website, our team can start using that content even just to share it with clients or producers can share it manually with prospects.” – Jeff Teschke

Resources Mentioned:

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