From Agent to Owner with Brad Boldt, Episode #236


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers interviews Brad Boldt, President at Ameriguard Insurance Agency & Host of the Agents To Owners Podcast. Brad shares about the importance of shifting your perspective from agency owner to business owner.

Episode Highlights:

  • Brad discusses his experiences in the insurance industry and how he became an agency owner. (2:50)
  • Brad shares how he got the opportunity to purchase Ameriguard Insurance Agency. (4:38)
  • Brad mentions that when he first took over Ameriguard he considered himself an agent that owned an insurance agency, not a business owner. (11:42)
  • Brad explains that the Agents To Owners Podcast is focused on developing better business owners and doing it on the front end rather than the back end. (16:50)
  • Brad discusses the most significant realization he had as an agency owner the first time he encountered a major problem. (20:39)
  • Brad mentions that witnessing a workforce that has developed into a team and cares about each other is the most rewarding thing for him right now. (23:16)
  • Brad believes that his “get started and figure it out as you go” approach to podcasting and YouTube can be applied to producing. (29:55)
  • Brad mentions that he does not terminate individuals quickly, instead, he implements a performance plan and gives every chance possible before terminating someone. (34:09)
  • Brad shares that he’s pleasantly surprised at the value that he has been able to gain out of having a virtual professional. (36:01)
  • Brad explains that he prepares more for virtual professionals than he does for any other new hires because he anticipates it being a challenge. (42:34)
  • Brad advises anybody thinking about hiring a virtual professional to make a list of seven to ten things they want to accomplish in their lifetime and have it ready because you’ll get to them sooner than you think. (43:39)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “The podcast is centered around trying to help develop better business owners and thinking about that on the front end, rather than, you know, on the back end.” – Brad Boldt
  • “You learn something every day and I am actively working to become a better owner, a better leader, a better business owner every day.” – Brad Boldt
  • “My process is get started and figure it out as you go. I did that with the podcast, I did that with YouTube. And I don’t think I’ve really improved a whole lot with YouTube but I do it, and I get some results. And you do figure it out as you go. And you get comfortable with it.” – Brad Boldt

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