Go Big! | Episode #194


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers sits down with Shawn Fitzgerald, Craig Bender, Scott Hobson, Mike Crowley, Doug Benz, Roe Polczynski, Cayla Carrillo in New York at the Go Big event for the Big I of New York. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Shawn shares he has enjoyed meeting many people that he had only met digitally in person at the Go Big event. (4:23)
  • Shawn explains that one thing he learned at this event is that one of the areas where he definitely needs to step it up is the blogging space. (8:05)
  • Craig shares that he got into the insurance industry with the influence of his mom, who was also in the industry. (10:34)
  • Craig mentions that his favorite part about being part of the insurance industry is building relationships. (13:07)
  • Scott explains that lobbying the public is more like storytelling and advocacy. (17:19)
  • Mike shares his experiences and takeaway from the Go Big event, which their team found to be very informative. (27:31)
  • Doug explains that he enjoys learning about the cutting-edge stuff that is out there and about clean data at the event. (34:43)
  • Cayla and David talk about what a great person James Jenkins is. (39:14)
  • Cayla shares that as a sales organization, you have to know the numbers and metrics in order to grow. (45:01)
  • Cayla mentions that it is essential to build relationships and trust with customers to be able to customize for them. (51:19)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I mean, you learned so much. So many different things, seeing what different companies offer, and really seeing how you can expand your own agency from just coming to an event like this.” – Shawn Fitzgerald
  • “Every independent agent, every Big I member, is and can be a very powerful lobbyist for the industry that we love so much, and for our customers.” – Craig Bender
  • “We become friends. They know us. The comfort level is through the roof. We never sell on the first call, because we don’t know them. How can we customize for them?” – Cayla Carrillo

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