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In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers, and co-host Kyle Houck interview Ryan Hanley, the founder of Rogue Risk. Ryan shares what he has learned since starting his agency from scratch including the importance of believing your value proposition, investing in yourself and listening, and learning from others.

Episode Highlights:

  • David introduces Ryan Hanley. (1:24)
  • Ryan considers himself as an agency owner in name only at this point. (2:57)
  • Ryan mentions that he uses QQ Catalyst and Agency Zoom. (7:05)
  • David explains that the internet has created a competitive environment. (8:30)
  • David says that automation is a buzzword. (9:02)
  • David mentions that there is nothing more basic than direct mail. (11:10)
  • What were the obstacles that Ryan faced? (11:27)
  • What exactly is Ryan trying to figure out? (15:36)
  • David says that people get frustrated with telemarketing or calling to set appointments, and they give up. (18:19)
  • David shares why you don’t have to be the smartest person in this industry to succeed. (21:54)
  • Ryan shares what has learned a lot in seven weeks of selling insurance. (27:26)
  • How many carriers are forcing webinars daily? (28:28)
  • Ryan says that you will learn a ton by calling your carrier to ask questions. (28:48)
  • David shares that he wants to create a community rather than a training program. (34:02)
  • Ryan says that he has so much respect for IAOA. (35:06)
  • Kyle talks about marketing drops. (38:57)

Tweetable Quotes

  • “You do not just go out and people come running up to you for insurance.” – Ryan Hanley
  • “You learn more from the ones that you lose than the ones that you win.” – Ryan Hanley
  • “Once I start to really believe my value proposition that I am coming in to help you, it gets so much easier. Because now if you don’t want to do business with me, that’s fine. But I know I’m helping you.” – Ryan Hanley

Resources Mentioned:

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