In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Jason Rodriguez, CEO and the Owner of Prominent Insurance Services. Jason discusses why he chose a franchise model to expand his agency and how they are providing opportunities for minorities to join the industry in the process.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jason explains that his transportation company is what brought him into the insurance industry. (4:12)
  • Jason discusses the difficulties he faced when he first started out in the insurance industry, and what he did to build relationships with his clients and earn their business. (9:45)
  • Jason explains that he had no idea chargeback was such a big deal in the insurance industry at first. (11:47)
  • Jason shares why he would choose franchising over simply opening new offices in other areas. (18:02)
  • Jason discusses the factors that make it difficult for minorities to enter the middle market and how he is trying to help increase diversity in that sector. (25:46)
  • Jason explains that they are currently focused on areas they know they can win but as their firm grows and their resources expand, they will be able to go after larger businesses with more success. (33:40)
  • Jason discusses what to consider when opening a franchise for a well-known insurance company. (37:45)
  • Jason mentions that the key to starting a franchise is to be on the same playing field and have the same mindset. (40:25)
  • Jason expresses his desire to build and create communities, as well as to give the insurance industry more leverage and raise awareness of how good the insurance industry is. (42:06)
  • Jason advises those interested in entering the insurance industry to find a mentor who is willing to provide accurate information and guide them. (46:35)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I was a scratch agency, just an entrepreneur with no prior mentorship. And, I know the hurdles I had to go over, what I had to be able to obtain, and get to where I’m at today.” – Jason Rodriguez
  • “When you know you are the minority in America and everybody else is doing business, it’s really difficult sometimes to get them to understand, like, hey, we can do the same thing that they can do, just give us a shot, let us perform, and deliver on the promises that we say we’re going to deliver.” – Jason Rodriguez
  • “As we grow our firm and get bigger and bigger with resources, then we can probably go after those and have more success. But, right now we’re just gonna concentrate on where we know we can get some wins.” – Jason Rodriguez

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