I Get Knocked Down but I Get Up Again with Ebens Jean, Episode #230


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers interviews Ebens Jean, Co-Founder/CIO at One Way Insurance Group. Ebens discusses how he focuses on opportunities for success, as well as how he and his wife wanted One Way Insurance Group to be a force for change and show others that there is opportunity in the insurance industry.

Episode Highlights:

  • Ebens expresses his appreciation for the opportunity to work alongside his wife in the insurance industry. (3:02)
  • Ebens explains that his family moved to New York City due to a lack of resources in Haiti. (4:19)
  • David discusses how support from spouses is important in both life and business. (12:34)
  • Ebens discusses his past experiences from offering employee benefits to working with a security company to becoming a licensed broker. (20:04)
  • Ebens shares that his wife encouraged him to go to the independent side of insurance since he felt limited on the captive side. (24:13)
  • Ebens explains that when they first started their agency, they focused mainly on personal lines, but now they focus more on commercial lines, and shares what they do to generate the current commercial activity. (25:31)
  • David mentions that when he launched his agency, he committed not to hire anybody with insurance experience as a producer because he wanted to give good salespeople a clear way into the industry. (29:44)
  • Ebens discusses that as a result of the discrimination they experienced, they want to be a change and show others that there is opportunity in the industry. (37:54)
  • Ebens expresses his appreciation for Ngozi Nnaji and why the insurance sector needs more people and leaders like her. (48:15)
  • Ebens discusses that they collaborate with Ngozi to help others get more direct appointments and to make insurance more attractive to others. (59:39)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “You know why I didn’t quit? Because of my wife. She invests so much in me that I couldn’t quit.” – Ebens Jean
  • “I bought my first property, investment property, because of this opportunity. I bought my first home because of this property. So I want my people to hear that kind of story, man, like, yeah, this thing could change your life…It can, but they have to see it. And we have to make it a little bit easier.” – Ebens Jean
  • “We have some other stuff that we’re working on man, some cool stuff that we’re working on…because with insurance we know it like, people call it boring. We want to make this thing sexy and attractive to more people.” – Ebens Jean

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