Let’s Eat Cake with Adam Bowe, Episode #281


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers interviews Adam Bowe, Co-Founder of Cake. Adam discusses Cake, an innovative platform for buying, selling and getting the valuation for your book of business.

Episode Highlights:

  • Adam discusses the importance of creativity in cold calling and the value of having a unique and memorable company name to attract attention and generate interest (4:15)
  • Adam explains how his team has simplified onboarding by gathering necessary information, providing a secure deal room, and replicating personal relationship development. (13:17)
  • Adam suggests that agents should consider buying single surety policies and establishing boutique relationships to receive finder’s fees for additional surety business, especially in niche markets like commercial trucking, where they may have better rates, service, and coverage. (21:37)
  • Adam discusses the importance of quality data and earning sellers’ trust in the industry, while also addressing challenges with onboarding and different data formats. (29:28)
  • Adam explains the importance of understanding the unique needs of independent insurance agents and developing technology specifically tailored to their industry to enhance trust, security, and efficiency in their interactions. (36:49)
  • Adam shares that his co-founder has expertise in data and algorithms, and their platform aims to match sellers and buyers based on verified transactions and personalized book recommendations, similar to Google’s approach to serving both companies and searchers. (44:04)
  • Adam mentions that the Cake platform is live and users can create an account to access various features such as scheduling time with customer success managers, utilizing the valuation tool, and buying and selling items. (48:00)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Flexibility is something that agents deserve, right? You guys are entrepreneurs or small business owners, and you should be able to own and operate your business how you want to.” – Adam Bowe
  • “We want to match sellers with people that are for real. And similarly, for the buyers, we want to bring them slices that make sense for their book, even if it’s stuff that they haven’t thought of, right?” – Adam Bowe

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