In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and James Jenkins are together with Brandon Smith, Public Speaker and EVP of Development & Strategy at Glidewell. They talk about the release of his 2022 Producer Development Planner and how his Producer Development Program is helping producers to find balance and live with intention. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Brandon shares his motivation for creating his planner. (3:41)
  • Brandon talks about the importance of calendar and time management. (7:03)
  • Brandon explains that his whole 2-year journey was to simplify his life. (15:43)
  • Brandon talks about the producers’ perspective in the business. (18:28)
  • Brandon explains how his personal planner is different from the rest. (22:35)
  • Brandon shares how his planner would help agency principals provide more opportunities for positive action. (28:29)
  • Brandon explains why people deserve what they tolerate with behavior. (32:09)
  • Brandon shares the first step to roll out in the right direction. (34:07)
  • Brandon explains the importance of balance. (37:29)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “How are you budgeting your time? If we really believe that time is money, how are we going to spend it?” – Brandon Smith
  • “If you tolerate average, if you tolerate status quo, if you tolerate just winging your schedule, winging your day just waking up and be like, oh, we’ll see what happens today. You deserve the results.” – Brandon Smith
  • “If we don’t know what balance is, we live life out of balance. But balance is so key to figure out because we balance our checkbook, we balance our tires, we balance our portfolio. You fall over if things are unbalanced. And so we’ve got to be better at balancing our time. And again, the only way to do that, intentional living.” – Brandon Smith

Resources Mentioned:

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