Leveling the Playing Field for Independent Agents with Michael Zalle, Episode #286


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers interviews Michael Zalle, CEO of YellowBird. Michael discusses the innovative strategies and tools that YellowBird provides to aid agents in refining their offerings and increasing profitability.

Episode Highlights:

  • Michael explains that YellowBird is a company that uses an Uber-like model to connect businesses with professionals in environmental health, safety, and risk management, providing the right expertise in the right location at the right price. (4:17)
  • Michael mentions that Yellowbird can be used as a platform to remediate issues and add value to customers. (15:50)
  • Michael believes that in order to build strong relationships with prospects and customers, it is important to have honest conversations, listen to their needs, and offer valuable resources and solutions. (24:30)
  • Michael discusses how Yellowbird is verticalizing its services to focus on specific industries, such as risk and logistics, and is seeing increased demand for DOT compliance services. (31:53)
  • Michael shares that Yellowbird’s new communications platform allows brokers to have real-time visibility and communication with professionals and customers during deployments, enhancing customer service and relationship building. (39:40)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I started Yellowbird with the concept of the right person, right location for the right price. And the ability to do that is where we’ve become very powerful for our customers where we work with brokers and carriers, we work with end customers as well, to use the right person in the right location with the right background to help you advance your expertise and being their risk partner.” – Michael Zalle
  • “As a company, Yellowbird is actually verticalizing into industries to make sure that we’re offering the right services to the right industry.” – Michael Zalle

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