In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers interviews Rod Khleif, Director of Lifetime CashFlow Academy. Rob shares how built passive income through multifamily real estate investment and how he helping others do the same.

Episode Highlights:

  • Rod shares his background story, his humble beginnings, and how he ended up where he is now. (2:54)
  • Rod shares a story of meeting someone who taught him the importance of mindset and psychology. (5:33)
  • Rod explains that you have to pick an hour when you have a lot of energy when you think about your goals in life. (09:29)
  • Rod discusses how you need to put a time limit on each goal that you think and plan for. (11:46)
  • Rod explains why your goals should be specific and measurable at all times. (14:20)
  • Rod explains that everything you want in life starts with a foundation of gratitude. (20:12)
  • Rod elaborates that it’s never about the goals, but who you become to achieve those goals. (24:30)
  • Rod shares that they are currently running a boot camp for people that want to learn how to invest passively in multifamily real estate. (30:09)
  • Rod discusses what types of disposable capital people should start with to take on the real estate business. (35:10)
  • Rod explains that the great thing about commercial real estate is that people can build value. (37:00)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “What you want to do is pick an hour when you have a lot of energy, so make sure you’re well hydrated. You don’t do it right after a meal and just sit down and write down everything you could ever possibly want in life.” – Rod Khleif
  • “It’s never about the goals, but you’ve got to have them to create that burning desire. But it’s about who you become in your pursuit of those goals. Happiness doesn’t come from goals, happiness comes from progress and growth.” – Rod Khleif
  • “Everything you want in life starts from a foundation of gratitude. How you manifest this stuff, you do it through gratitude.” – Rod Khleif

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