• In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers went to Vegas for the Keystone Emerging Leaders Conference, where he got a chance to jump on a podcast with a few of the best people in the industry, including Keynote Speaker, Alan Stein Jr., Shawn Eagan – Senior Vice President at Imperial PFS, Katherine Smith, Chief Customer Officer at Strate Insurance GroupAndy Phillips, Risk Manager, Motivational Speaker, Josh Gurley of HM advisors, Stephen Sedlak, President at Workcompology, Christian DeLozier, Trusted Business Risk, and Insurance Consultant at Mike Keith Insurance.

    Episode Highlights:

    • Alan Stein Jr. shares how the Keystone Emerging Leaders Conference for 2022 went for him and explains how he prepares for speaking engagements and how he continues to grow in his craft. (2:11)
    • Andy Phillips shares what made him decide to come to Vegas aside from the conference and discusses The Playbook Podcast with David. (7:56)
    • Shawn Egan shares his experience at the conference and discusses premium financing. (18:26)
    • Katherine Smith shares her insights about having more female participants in the conference. (31:40)
    • Katherine Smith shares how the new business and talent marketplace are right now, as well as their differences. (39:46)
    • Katherine Smith explains that applicants can talk a good game all day long, but you have to test their work product before you bring them on board. (50:18)
    • Josh Gurley shares that this Keystone Conference has made a great difference in people’s careers. (54:46)
    • Stephen Sedlak and Josh Gurley discuss the important role that having a coach can play in your success. (59:55)
    • Christian DeLozier shares his biggest takeaways from the conference and how he would apply those in reality. (1:07:18)
    • Josh Gurley talks about delegation. (1:11:42)
    • Josh Gurley, Christian DeLozier, Stephen Sedlak, and David Carothers agree that there is a greener pasture in the insurance industry. (1:14:29)

    Tweetable Quotes:

    • “It’s been my experience, that in admission of not knowing something, literally saying the words I don’t know, is part of being vulnerable. And I believe vulnerability is the key not only to sales, but to leadership, to parenting, you fill in the blank.” – Alan Stein Jr.
    • “I don’t have to hide behind pretending to know everything because I certainly don’t. I can share the things with you that I do know and I can be very honest about the things I don’t, and we can all get better from it.” – Andy Phillips
    • “If you are looking and you do think that making a move is the best for you don’t underestimate your company’s ability to counter.” – Katherine Smith
    • “The people that had the mindset that they can do it all themselves, without any help or anything, I think that’s an absurd statement.” – Stephen Sedlak

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