In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Walt Goshert, Insurance LinkedIn Expert and Independent Marketing Consultant. Walt discusses using the power of LinkedIn to build relationships and close sales and why it’s important to shift your mindset from chasing clients to attracting clients.

Episode Highlights:

  • Walt discusses his transition from being a broker to helping salespeople be more prominent on LinkedIn. (2:45) 
  • Walt mentions that one opportunity you can get from LinkedIn is the ability to build a great relationship and close a sale. (10:31)
  • Walt explains that it is important to set the stage before asking any expectation questions to a client because otherwise, you would be viewed as a salesperson rather than an advisor. (15:15)
  • Walt mentions that when it comes to prospecting, the thing that repels people more than anything is seeing the desperation in an agent. (22:42)
  • Walt mentions that the proper mindset in this business is not to chase clients but to attract them instead. (28:34)
  • Walt explains that even if CEOs and CFOs are not interacting on LinkedIn, that does not mean that they are not paying attention. (34:56)
  • Walt shares that one of the sole reasons he invested in Sales Navigator is to know how much the content is resulting in profile visits. (44:45)
  • Walt mentions that knowing your market, building content by commenting, and doing it consistently are three things salespeople should do on LinkedIn. (50:15)
  • Walt explains the funnel strategy in creating content for a buyer’s journey, and that is awareness, solution, and why they should hire you. (55:59)
  • Walt shares that he thinks that LinkedIn is becoming more of a factor in the middle market, and it is the perfect time to create content for this market. (59:20)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “With LinkedIn, or online, you have the ability to communicate one to many. You’re able to leverage what you know, what your authority is, and how you can create value.” – Walt Goshert
  • “It’s a case of taking that extra two minutes and doing it, you know, dropping in some comments before you do the connection request, send that after they connect, send that voice note or a video with a welcome message, so you stand out in their inbox as a real person.” – Walt Goshert
  • “I think it kind of diminishes the value of the relationship, you know, it doesn’t position you as that authority as that trusted authority, if you’re constantly in the chase mode.” – Walt Goshert 

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