In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Tracy Cotton, Executive Client Manager at Starr-Mathews Agency. Tracy discusses why everybody, particularly those in the insurance industry, should be flexible and open to new experiences and how she came up with the concept of trying 50 new things on her 50th birthday.

Episode Highlights:

  • Tracy discusses her pre-& post-Chattanooga experiences. (4:20)
  • Tracy discusses her favorite things to do in Chattanooga. (9:45)
  • Tracy explains how she was offered the opportunity to name her own position, which is Executive Client Manager. (11:17)
  • David, Kyle, and Tracy discuss how being honest with clients may help to solve certain situations. (22:38)
  • Tracy believes that personality tests are not the primary basis of the concept of a utility player. (39:31)
  • Tracy discusses how her paper planner helped her in coming up with the concept of trying 50 new things for her 50th birthday. (41:56)
  • Tracy believes that being flexible and open to new experiences is important in everything she does, including insurance. (45:18)
  • Tracy discusses her favorite thing she did with 50 out of 50. (48:21)
  • Tracy believes that the 50/50 rule helps in the process of determining what you really want to do. (51:26)
  • Tracy shares her intention to inspire her female insurance industry colleagues to explore new things. (51:59)
  • Tracy mentions that balancing between planning ahead and being open to opportunities as they arise is similar to what we do in insurance. (52:52)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I really wanted people to be able to plug-in from the get-go and really start feeling like we’re part of, you know, we’re part of the risk management or partner and they’re their business there.” – Tracy Cotton
  • “A balance between planning ahead and being open to those opportunities as they come up. And that’s not really any different than what it is we do in insurance.” – Tracy Cotton
  • “There really is no one choice in insurance. I continue to be amazed at the different ways that a career can change and the opportunity that is there.” – Tracy Cotton, CIC, CISR

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