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In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers, and co-host Kyle Houck interview Josh Gurley, the vice president of Hunt-Miller Insurance Agency Inc. Josh talks about the importance of transparency, education, behaviors, and good relationships. Josh also shares how specific behaviors can lead to success. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Where did Josh come from, and how did he get where he’s at now? (2:13)
  • Josh shares that he has a degree in risk management and insurance. (5:42)
  • Josh shares how he got into the insurance industry. (5:54)
  • When Josh started in the industry, his total first-year production was $18,000 in revenue. (16:37)
  • Josh tells more about how his first-year in the insurance industry was. (18:12)
  • Josh shares the reason why he lost his insurance industry before. (20:25)
  • Josh talks about how he became a marketing representative. (25:05)
  • Josh shares that he has a good relationship with his previous company. (29:51)
  • What are the changes that Josh did to turn things around? (32:39)
  • What Josh mostly sees are people that are not good in renewal processes. (35:16)
  • Josh says that one of the first accounts he called was a bank publicly traded on the NASDAQ. (36:42)
  • Josh shares one of the biggest success stories of his career. (45:27)
  • Josh thinks that the biggest mistake that people make is they think that it’s their job to quote people’s insurance. (46:47)
  • Josh talks about how technology helped them win large accounts just by sending out straight content marketing. (51:29)
  • Josh explains how they get prospects. (51:48)
  • Josh uses the word introduction instead of referral in his daily business. (53:29)
  • Josh shares that they’ve gotten all of their content from soundwave. (1:01:25)
  • Josh shares his selection process of qualifying people. (1:04:43)

3 Key Points:

  1. Josh just adopted some practices that were different from others. For him, education is important. He never had any issues being a good insurance technician or anything like that.
  2. Josh is passionate about the insurance business, and he thinks it’s the best business that anyone could get themselves into.
  3. Josh believes that there are sets of behaviors that make people become successful.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I believe that the only reason that people get out of the insurance business is that they don’t sell enough insurance” 
  • “You have to respect yourself, you have to respect what you do. You have to understand that what you do brings value to people’s organizations.”
  • “I think that that transparency is something that is missing a lot in our world.”

Resources Mentioned:

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josh gurley