One City World Tour 2023 with Bradley Flowers, Episode #226


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Bradley Flowers, Founder of Portal Insurance & Co-Host of The Insurance Guys Podcast. Bradley tells us all about the upcoming One City World Tour, including its purpose, the roster of speakers, and the activities that conference attendees can anticipate.

Episode Highlights:

  • Bradley notes that they opted to have the event during the week, on January 18th and 19th, so that guests may still enjoy their family day on the weekends. (9:03)
  • David explains that the most difficult part of organizing a conference is keeping everyone’s attention and keeping them interested throughout. (10:44)
  • Bradley shares some of the challenges of being a speaker and one speaker he thinks is really effective. (17:25)
  • Bradley mentions that they made a mistake last year by having too many speakers and not leaving enough time for networking, so they’re doing the opposite this year. (20:42)
  • David mentions that CoverWhale has been very effective for his agency. (31:25)
  • Bradley shares how he advises his team to respond when a client is upset with them. (43:42)
  • Bradley provides more details about the speakers and vendors who will be at the One City Conference. (46:01)
  • Bradley talks about how they tried to get Joe Rogan to come to the One City Conference. (48:09)
  • Bradley explains how they created a solution for agents writing pet insurance, making it easy to write with a competitive commission. (51:51)
  • Bradley shares that he always seeks to cover families since, historically, families purchase additional lines of insurance. (57:59)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “One mistake we made last year is we had so many speakers that we did not leave enough room for networking. So this year, we’re kind of doing the opposite. And we were purposefully having networking times and that sort of thing. We’ve got some pretty cool ideas and stuff that’s gonna give some people who don’t come to some serious FOMO. So it’ll be a lot of fun.” – Bradley Flowers
  • “The reason a lot of people want to insure families is because traditionally, typically, families have extra lines of insurance they buy.” – Bradley Flowers
  • “I tell my team all the time, if somebody’s upset with you, don’t get offended. Like, don’t let them cuss you out. To me, that’s like the bar. But you’ve got to let them vent a little bit. Everybody hates insurance. Even me, right?“ – Bradley Flowers

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