Our Greatest Resource with The Team at Mineral, Episode #221


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Nathan Christensen, CEO of Mineral, and Diane Haines, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Mineral. Nathan and Diane talk about how Mineral is using technology, content, and expertise to provide innovative HR and compliance solutions to their partners and clients.

Episode Highlights:

  • Nathan shares his background and what Mineral is all about. (2:30)
  • Nathan explains why they decided to rebrand in order to capitalize on their strengths while merging two companies. (7:25)
  • Nathan explains that the goal for naming the company Mineral was to be an essential ingredient in the success of both their partners and customers. (11:10)
  • Nathan shares his excitement for their “Mineral Intelligence” product, which provides clients with predictive, personalized insight. (15:24)
  • Nathan explains compliance has become increasingly important in the industry and technology is starting to catch up and solve it. (19:03)
  • Diane shares that they chose to focus on safety products to keep their customers, who are small and medium-sized businesses, safe and secure. (26:32)
  • Diane mentions that they still offer both resources and guidance in HR and compliance but are now integrated with added safety features. (28:57)
  • Diane explains that having access to an expert can help clients feel more comfortable. (32:51)
  • Diane mentions some of the focus that they have in the future for HR compliance is centered around local policies and employee engagement. (39:05)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “We are an essential ingredient for both our partner and our customer success. And we are working every day to help them build healthier organizations.” – Nathan Christensen
  • “The more complex this compliance environment gets, that’s where we’re really going to dig in, you’re going to see us really try to get ahead of that for our partners and clients so that they’re not caught on the back foot.” – Diane Haines
  • “The next frontier for our company is predictive, personalized insight for clients, a product we call Mineral Intelligence.” – Nathan Christensen

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