Our Wobbly Girl with Stacie King, Episode #240


In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Stacie King, Digital Marketing Consultant, and Host of This Wobbly Life podcast. Stacie shares her wealth of knowledge on digital marketing strategies for agents and agency owners and discusses how her podcast helps to shine a light on the personal and professional successes of people with disabilities.

Episode Highlights:

  • Stacie explains that she has two businesses, Stacie King & Company, her professional marketing company, and Wobbly Girl, where she does her podcast to promote people who have disabilities and how they can have great businesses and lives and contribute to society. (8:01)
  • Stacie discusses how she accepts her condition by using her voice to spread the message that individuals with disabilities are no different than everyone else, they just approach life in a different way. (13:46)
  • Stacie discusses the organizations and clients she is currently working with, as well as her plans to expand. (18:45)
  • Stacie mentions AI, content marketing, and employee advocacy as the top three trends she recommends people focus on. (21:13)
  • Stacie explains the importance of identifying who your audience is and staying in front of them consistently. (24:40)
  • According to David, the most successful businesses are those that are ready to humanize themselves. (28:02)
  • David believes that if people’s hearts are in the right place, it will show in their marketing message because they will be pulled to where their heart is. (34:58)
  • According to Stacie, technology makes it easier to develop ideas, and it is ideal if individuals do it with their own voice; they may use AI, but they must not allow it completely replace their personality and message. (43:07) 
  • Stacie gives advice to new agents or new agency principals who are hesitant to engage in any form of digital or content-based marketing. (46:30)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “There’s a whole life out there that I feel that people just need to accept people no matter who they are. And this in 2023, if we’re all about diversity and inclusion, that should be the practice. No matter who you are, and what organization that you belong to, you should make sure that everyone feels accepted and able to be themselves.” – Stacie King
  • “Even after I stopped working with clients, you know, in the relationship, I really feel like I marry every client that I’ve ever worked with and we kind of lock arms. And we were cheerleaders and champions for one another.” – Stacie King
  • “Once you become active, even if it’s just social posts, then you can kind of expand and you can start doing video marketing. And you can start doing interviews in your community, talk to your clients, talk to people that you volunteer with, if it’s your church, that’s important to you start talking to people that you may know from church, that own businesses, doesn’t all have to be about you. And if you need help, reach out to other people, whether it be me or others, there are others out in the industry that would be more than happy to give you advice.” – Stacie King

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