In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Laura Treonze, Chief Life Strategist, Motivational Speaker, and Behavioral Analyst at LMT Consulting. Laura talks about how she motivates her clients and why confidence is key.

Episode Highlights:

  • Laura shares how she helps people build businesses. (3:20)
  • Laura explains why people must have your ideal client. (8:41)
  • Laura mentions why most independent contractors don’t have business plans. (11:26)
  • Laura shares the types of people that reached out to her. (14:32)
  • Laura mentions her favorite clients. (16:07)
  • Laura shares how she chooses her clients. (18:52)
  • Laura shares the biggest mistakes that she sees when people come to her. (25:13)
  • Laura mentions how she motivates people. (34:00)
  • Laura shares how to build confidence. (36:06)

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “As I started to work with other people outside the industry, I’m like… this is so much bigger and I want to take advantage of that. So, I decided I’m gonna leave real estate and go into coaching full time. If I’m going to be a coach, I want to be coached by the best.” – Laura Treonze
  • “My business is built word of mouth, I guarantee results. People making more money is a very important result. So, if you’re not reaching your results, I don’t want you in a long-term contract because I’m going to be giving you your money back.” – Laura Treonze
  • “When you start showing people success in certain parts of their life, they start to create and find success in other parts as well. So, let’s not have weight as your goal right now. Let’s work on a different goal so that we can look at the patterns that work there. Then, apply them to weight if you decide at some point you’re committed to that. If you don’t get committed to that, who cares. Stop beating yourself up about it.” – Laura Treonze

Resources Mentioned:

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